Non-surgical Bunion Treatment

Where possible, non-surgical treatment for bunions will be used. Various non-surgical treatments can be used to ease the pain and discomfort caused by a bunion.

bunion treatment-foot doctorPossible non-surgical treatments include:

  • painkillers
  • bunion pads
  • orthotics, such as insoles, bunion pads and toe spacers
  • modifying your footwear

Bunion pads

As well as taking painkillers, using bunion pads may ease the pain of a bunion.

Reusable bunion pads, made of either gel or fleece, are available over the counter from pharmacies. Some are adhesive and stick over the bunion, while others are held against your foot by a small loop that fits over your big toe.

Bunion pads protect your foot from rubbing on your shoe and relieve the pressure over the enlarged joint at the base of your big toe. You can also use an ice pack or cold compress to help numb pain and reduce any swelling.


Orthotics are devices that are placed inside your shoes and help realign the bones of your foot. They can relieve the pressure on your bunion, which can help ease the pain caused by the deformity.

It is important that the orthotic fits you properly, so you may want to seek advice from your  podiatrist, who can suggest the best ones for you.

Toe spacers are also available, which can help reduce the pain caused by bunions.

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